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Supports Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP

About eType


eType Suggests and completes words you type in any program on Microsoft Windows - it helps you write better and faster and prevents spelling errors + it predicts the next word and can translate each word as you type to more than 15 languages.

eType aims to help users while they type, completing and suggesting words - very similar to today's mobile smart phone.

When we first set out to create eType, we envisioned a tool that would work alongside any program, helping users with word choice and phrasing while they type. This tool would quickly complete words while drastically reducing spelling errors and increasing both the writers speed and confidence in the process. The tool would also be a universal one, supporting and translating virtually any and all languages.

We envisioned a tool that is easy to use; integrates seamlessly with any software, and optimizes itself for each user without jeopardizing his or her privacy. It would not put a strain on users computer systems, running quickly and smoothly even on slow computers with low memory resources.


This is what our users think:

Bruno P.


I really like your application, I hope this app stays free forever.

Miroljub A.


Amazing software, I am ​completely overwhelmed.

Reza F.


It is a beautifully rendered piece of software….. Thank you for eType!


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The most widely-used suggestion and prediction software on the market eType has been around since 2011, making it the first tool in the industry and the first ever to include a dictionary, a thesaurus, a translator and a word completion tool - all in one package.