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eType runs on any Microsoft Windows system from version XP and up (including 7, 8 and 10).

Yes, eType works with any software that runs on Microsoft Windows.

If you find a software that doesn’t work with eType, please email us the software name and the current operating system you are using to daniel@etype.com.

There are 3 main methods to auto-complete words:

  1. Click the word on the eType bar with your mouse
  2. Press the right and left arrows to select a word and then ENTER to auto-complete when the bar is active (see below what “active” means)
  3. Using the F keys on your computer. Press the F key with the number corresponding to the number next to the word. For example: If a word has the number 2 next to it, and you press F2 (or Function + F2 in laptops) - it will autocomplete that word

To view a word translation, move your mouse over the word in the bar. A small popup with translation will appear.

Please note that we are constantly improving our dictionaries and some words will not have a translation.

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Go to Languages tab
  3. Select the language you want to see the translation in.

If you don’t see your language in this list, please email daniel@etype.com and ask for it! We can’t promise that we’ll add it but we’ll sure try!

You can press a hotkey (default CTRL+SHIFT+F11) to show or hide the bar.

You can change the hotkey by going to into Settings -> General-> “Show / hide with hotkey” then click inside the box and select your own hide hotkey.

Yes, you can, here is how you do it:

  1. Go to settings -> General tab
  2. Check the box next to: “Use Arrow keys to select words and Enter to complete”
  3. Click “Save settings”

Now, when you start typing a word, you will see suggestions in the eType bar. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the words and press the Enter to autocomplete the word you want.

Nothing. eType is currently free. We’re a startup focused on building a good product for our community.

eType doesn’t send anything you type back to our servers. We don’t install anything other than eType. No toolbars, no adware, nothing.

  • eType works with any software on Microsoft Windows - try using it with outlook, skype, gmail, chrome, explorer etc.
  • See translations to words by hovering your mouse over a word (14 different languages included and growing)
  • Use the left and right Arrows and Enter key to autocomplete words
  • Word suggestions & autocomplete available in 10 different languages

Simply email our founder at daniel@etype.com - and we'll try to help.

eType works with any software on Microsoft Windows including:

17 different translation languages supported such as: Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese etc.